HTJW-18,HTJW-12,HTJW-16 charging magnetic yoke is our company's painstaking research for more than 12 years.Our company has independent intellectual property rights, international initiative.

The features of these three types Magnetic inspection machine are :

--- Built-in high energy battery. Integrated design, conveniently exchange battery ;Do not need external~220V/50Hzpower, Do not need heavy mobile power, Do not need connection lines, you can do Magnetic Inspection in any environment.

--- LED Black / white light dual-use without any external lighting.

--- Patented technology, international initiative

--- UV-A segment 365 nm pure spectrum violet (black light)used to minimize damage to the skin;

--- Battery voltage digitally display, real-time power monitoring, low power consumption and automatic power cut.

--- A waterproof magnetizing switch is arranged under the hand, and a self-locking magnetizing button is provided to continuously magnetize;

--- Using superconducting magnetic core, light weight;

--- Using high-strength shell material, anti-aging, impact resistance and wear resistance;

--- Ergonomic design, reasonable structure;

--- High quality components , durable

mag particle inspection equipment HTJW12

Special Features of JW-12 Magnetic inspection Equipment:Video

--- Not only can detect surface defects, but also detect deep buried defects, and the detection depth is 3mm

--- Detect defects of steel coated with not more than 400 microns without polishing


-- Lifting power: ≥ 180N 

-- Sensitivity: A1-15/50

-- Magnetic spacing: 50-200mm 

-- White light: ≥ 5000LUX 

-- Dark irradiance:≥ 4000 µW/cm2 

-- Violet light wavelength: 360-370nm; central wavelength: 365nm 

-- Yoke volume:230*170*60mm

-- Yoke weight: 1.8KG 

-- Full electricity can work for 1-2 days

Download specification of HTJW12

mag particle inspection equipment HTJW18

Special Features of JW-18 MPI equipment:

--- Using a new magnetization method to ensure surface detection sensitivity and deep buried defects, the detection depth is 3mm;

--- Three different detector for Multi-purpose, suitable for the detection of various occasions and workpieces;


Lifting power: ≥45N

Sensitivity: A1-15/100

Magnetic spacing: Drag type 100mm; fillet weld 30-120mm; joint yoke 50-150mm

White light: ≥4000LUX

Violet wavelength range: 360-370nm

Center wavelength: 365nm

Volume: 200×140×45mm (without magnetic head)

Weight: 1.8 kg

Full electricity can work for 1 day


Special Features of JW-16 magnetic yoke:Video

--- Cross yoke detector. Defects in different directions can be detected at the same time


Lifting power: ≥118N

Sensitivity: A1-15/100

White light: ≥5000LUX

Black light irradiance: ≥6000μW/㎝²

Violet wavelength range: 360-370nm

Volume: 204×170×160mm (without magnetic head)

Weight: 3.8 kg

Full electricity can work for 1-2 days

Download specification of HTJW16


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