Industry X-ray film, industrial x-ray film For NDT and NDE

Industrial x-ray film For NDT and NDE

Industrial x-ray film

Features of QUAM X Ray film for industry:

---High resolution: very fine particles, high lift noise ratio, high resolution, high contrast ratio, high image sharpness;

---Durability : moisture resistance, antistatic, anti adhesion, few false defects.

---Environmental protection green environmental protection formula plus fast fixing film system to reduce environmental pollution.

---High performance price ratio : the quality of film is excellent and the price is favorable.

X-Ray film for NDT comparison

Standard Fuji filmIT industrial Fuji filmIT in China GEA &IT AGFA Caresteam Kodak Industry QUAM
ISO 11699-1:2008 EN584-1:2006 ASTM E1815-08 GB 19348-1
C4 C4 C4 IX80 IX80CN D5 T200 JW200
C5 C5 II C5 IX100 IX100CN D7 AA400 JW400
C6 C6 C6 IX150 D8 HS800
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