The first ISO 9712 digital ray (DR) technology qualification examination training course was held jointly by HATATEST and the NDT of China Mechanical Engineering Society

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HATATEST and China Non-Destructive Testing Branch of China Mechanical Engineering Society NDT personnel training center for mechanical systems jointly organized the first training course for ISO 9712 digital ray (DR) first- and second-class personnel qualification forensics exams in Shanghai on 16 -1 month, January 3, 2018.

This training is mainly used to meet the needs of technicians, quality personnel and other equipment operators, Wang Xiaoyong, an expert on ray group of the NDT branch of the Chinese society of mechanical engineering, training ISO 9712 digital ray technical knowledge training, HATATEST exploration engineer Wang Qingben, technicians Zhang Liming in Russia's ronce (Spektroflash) MAPT-250 industrial X - ray machine and South Korea rate ans (Rayence) DR portable digital imaging system and other products as an example, carry out practical training. The training a total of more than 20 people participated, through systematic training, were successfully passing the exam, obtain a certificate of NDT testing personnel qualification accreditation committee branch issued by the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society of Nondestructive.

In the future, HATATEST will continue to carry out such training work to provide better services to more customers!

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