HATATEST participated in the annual meeting of NDT of national special equipment in 2017

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The annual national special equipment nondestructive testing organization (NDT) annual meeting in 2017 was held in Hengda Hotel, Nanjing, on 16-18 January 2018. The annual meeting was aimed at “strengthening communication within the industry, promoting industry self-discipline, and researching and solving the hot issues of concern in the industry, according to the industry agreement”,over 400 non-destructive testing scholars, experts, researchers and technicians attended the conference, more than 30 exhibitors of non-destructive testing equipment participated in the exhibition.


HATATEST showed the world's first HT1012D, HT0606D industrial variable frequency X-ray machine DR imaging system that can match any brand domestic variable frequency ray machines on the scene, the system uses frequency adaptive adjustment, patented technology such as interference fringe suppression, it has excellent performance and high cost performance, it is favored by many customers. HATATEST communicated with many exhibitors during the exhibition and achieved good results.


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