HATATEST is an enterprise full of talents, attaching importance to talents and caring for employees. Every holiday, the company organizes staff to gather and celebrate the festival. The company also holds birthday banquets every month to celebrate the birthday of the month, and everyone will receive gifts from the company. The company has prepared a series of activities to enrich the amateur cultural life of the people. Such as the flower class experience, painting and calligraphy appreciation class, art class, Wenwan class, "good sound" games, fun games, listening to stories, Wang Gong "baby" and "beautiful hometown of parent-child activities" self driving tour activities. Colleagues are very grateful to the company offers such a good opportunity, have said that in the new year, not only to work hard, to the heart of life, in the work of continuous learning, enhance personal taste, increase the pleasures of life, make every day the flavor, full of vitality and taste.

Let life fragrance let happiness like flowers

In the afternoon of January 25, 2018, Hua exploration - and organized a pleasing and aromatic activity for good company - flower experience class. The cold wind is cold outside the office, and the interior is warm like spring. The company has nearly 20 flower lovers to participate in the event.

This flower experience lesson is divided into two parts. The first part is "making the most beautiful flowers, sending the favorite TA" flower arranging experience. Liu Fen, a real flower flower florist, explains and instruct the production of bottle flower arranging. First of all, the Liu Fen Florist explained the variety of flowers, the maintenance of the flowering period and the collocation of flowers and colors. Later, the Liu Fen Florist demonstrated in person, the violet, champagne rose, pink rose, white rose, mist bubble, carnation and more than ten kinds of flowers and flowers and so on. We listen carefully and refer to the demonstration works to practice, and increase their creativity while learning to use them. Cut branches, angle, color, choose a vacancy...... In a few moments, a piece of beautiful flower arrangement into love is born in a pair of skillful hands. The original floral competition, but because of all the works of beauty nanfenbozhong, had to laugh and mutual praise.

Followed by "fleshy Fu" fleshy DIY links, each of the 2 pots, optional 8 plants, plant combination. Fleshy planting process the full interpretation of the "serious and lively", "serious" is undermining health, afraid to touch off fleshy foliage, everybody is rigorous and exquisite, even the men have become soft; and "lively" is the embodiment of all scripts and hands-on brain and mouth, "holding pots, line for nutrient soil, as an application of porridge" laughs. A cute little meat into the pot, consisting of a landscape. Regardless of planting fleshy "radiation" is really false, for life, increase the fun, add beauty to enhance the well-being is the hard truth.

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Chinese Prosperity and Joyful Lantern Festival

On the day of the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, it is the traditional Chinese festival - Lantern Festival. On this night, Spring returns to the earth. As the new year begins, people enjoy the full moon, watching lanterns, lantern riddles, eating Lantern Festival family reunion enjoyable, spend the Lantern festival.

In order to activate the atmosphere of the festival and enrich the cultural life of the staff, Hua exploration and to hold the "joyful Lantern Festival" in March 1st. At noon, we have a joyous gathering to eat a big meal, enjoyable, to celebrate the March birthday are Happy birthday, celebrate the Lantern Festival happy reunion.

October staff birthday party

To promote corporate culture, create a harmonious and warm atmosphere, let employees feel the warmth and care, the family of the company in October 20, 2017, the company held a birthday party, each employee for the October birthday for a birthday gift, to extend my sincere greetings and birthday to birthday wishes, and praise and thanks to the staff for a long time of hard work.

At noon, all the staff in the restaurant, celebrate birthday are Happy birthday, everyone happy, eating cake, send blessings, enjoy the feast, let the feelings and joy in this song.

By holding a birthday party, the company will enrich the connotation of corporate culture and enhance the feelings and friendships among employees, so that every employee can feel the deep solicitude of the company and feel the warmth and happiness of this large group and grow together with the company.

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"Celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, celebrate the national day and the circle war summary commendation conference"

In the afternoon of September 30th, the Henan China detection test held the "celebration of the Mid Autumn Festival, the national day and the circle war summary commendation conference" in the company.

The two sales directors summed up the achievements and the shortcomings during the war.

The leader of the company issued three prizes for the top of the sales period. And award cups and bonuses for the employees who have completed the PK challenge, the circle war Champion (1408178 yuan for sales).

After the meeting, all the staff gathered in the restaurant, delicacies, laughter, blessings and greetings. Strong Mid Autumn Festival, happy National Day. Henan Hua Exploration Technology Co., Ltd. wishes everyone a happy double and happy reunion.

Sales summary and commendation conference in the first quarter of 2017

China detecting on the morning of April 10, 2017 was held in 2017 first quarter sales summary and recognition of the general assembly, the general manager of the company Yuan Shilei attend and preside over the meeting, deputy general manager Chen Huaizhi, chief engineer Wang Qingben and all sales personnel to attend the meeting.

The conference mainly summarizes the sales of the first quarter of the company, adjusts in time to the problems arising in the sales process, and deploys the next phase of the sales plan. On the current sales, testing and other processes, the sales staff actively feedback and put forward the optimization suggestions.

Yuan Zong listened carefully to all participants of the proposed recommendations, summarized and pointed out that the sales staff should not only focus on performance, also should stand in the customer perspective, help customers solve problems, but also should strengthen professional knowledge, improve their professional ability, so as to enhance the company's soft power, establish a good corporate image. The Future Ltd will introduce new products, open up the market of product sales, meet the needs of customers, and gradually expand the scale of the company.

The first quarter sales award was also announced at the meeting and awarded to the award-winning staff. Yuan has personally issued a cup and medal for the monthly and quarterly sales champions and took a photo of it. The conference was successfully completed in a happy and harmonious atmosphere.

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