HATATEST, NDT product supply


Basic Information: HATATEST TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D and manufacturing of testing equipment, software development and system integration. We have strong R&D strength, also the general agent of many famous testing enterprises such as NDTSYSTEMS in the United States, annual sales exceed 100 million dollars.

Main business: R&D and manufacture of high-precision non-destructive testing instruments, development of digital testing systems, testing engineering services

Market areas: power, ships, petroleum and petrochemical, aerospace, special equipment testing and military industry (missiles, shells, aircraft engine blades, fighter fuel tanks, aircraft wing testing system), etc.

non destructive weld testing equipment

Worldwide Unique technology, save more than 30% cost for NDT

HATATEST ranks first in the field of portable DR nondestructive testing in China.

HATATEST products have a market share of more than 70% in China (more than twice the total sales of the 2nd to 10th places).

Certified supplier of famous Group as CNPC, Sinopec, China Aerospace and so on

Chinese first NDT instrument R & D Center

Chinese area Exclusive Distributor of Rayence , Spektroflash and so on

Designated equipment for China NDT qualification examination.

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