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portable dr system for ndt

Portable DR System For NDT

HATA digital imaging NDT system is the only digital imaging NDT system using ...

Industrial LED x-ray film viewer

Industrial LED x-ray film viewer

Unique air passage design, fast heat dissipation, to ensure LED light source life...

Industrial x-ray film For NDT and NDE

Industrial x-ray film For NDT and NDE

QUAM industry X ray film for NDT is patented product of HATATEST...

magnetic particle inspection equipment

Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment

Not only can detect surface defects, but also can detect deep defects, Max depth: 3mm.


More then 2000 DR successful detection cases. we use DR in electric power,Automobile High-speed rail,casting,rubber,Aeronautics,Military ,Architecture,these industry. In Pipeline industry, we have ever managed to detect the pipe with 580mm anti corrosion layers, high pressure pipes in service filled with gas,ammonia and water. In addition to conventional weld detection, object profile detection and corrosion detection, we have the following successful cases:

1) Inspection of Automobile Hubs and Components 2) GIS Detection
3) Automotive tire inspection 4) Food safety testing
5) Semiconductor Devices 6) Battery Detection of Electric Vehicles
7) Bomb Detection 8) Piston detection
9) Inspection of Cylinder Block of Air Pump 10) Inspection of Connectors for Railway Carriage
11) Inspection of Refractories 12) Inspection of Train Wheels and Wheel Frames
13)Digital Ray Solution for Assembly Architecture
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HATATEST Unique Software Technology

1. 3D visualization splicing technology, while other brands only can splice into one 2D images

2. One-click cascading fine enhancement patented technology.(Patent technology)
For other brands DR, after take images, they have to process the images then to analyze and judge them. If the inspection parts are same, each time taking image has to repeat last time work.

But our DR is different, after taking one image, you can debug the parameters in the background according to your needs. After debugging, all the shots for this inspection part can be directly into the analyzable images. That’s greatly improved the working efficiency.

3. Multi-energy Fusion Technology
This technology is suitable for different materials, different thicknesses of detected objects (such as castings), our software can be a one-time imaging.


DR panel superiority: HTJW1012D support dynamic imaging

1. High-speed moving weld real time inspection (no less than 6 meters per minute speed):
This function is very workable for the pipe manufacturer. The welding can be inspected at the same time of welding forming

2.Image quality can be seen clearly before exposure:Before imaging, our flat panel can clearly reflect the imaging effect. the grayscale and sharpness of the image will change constantly, and the inspector can choose to expose the image at the best time.

3. Dynamic superposition, image clearer :
Within seconds of exposure, hundreds of images are superimposed, resulting in a higher quality image where one more silk can be seen than a static image.

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